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Washing Unit

Washing Unit -SHARK 4150-5150-5180-5220

The washing pool machine is one of the machines that play an important role in washing broken plastics. Feydaş Machine wash Pool collected scrap plastic, sachet etc. materials, soil, stone, paper, such as the material is useful in the purification of incoming materials will be dirty so that our Washing Pool can do this job in a very superior performance, so it is a sine qua non of the recycling line. Washing pool machine sizes and shapes vary according to the pollution of the plastic, the excess of the mixed material and the factory area belonging to the customer and production is made by taking these into consideration. Washing Pool There are many different designs of swimming pool options from waterfall type where water is abundant, to pool area in three ways used in factory area and where water is low. In addition, there is a sludge removal system to clean the solid foreign materials that fill the pool from inside the pool. Our pools play an important role in the separation of plastic raw materials such as pet with a high density.  Recycling washing machine basins can be made of stainless steel or DKP sheet.

Washing Unit (Shark)
Machine Details

Machine Details Shark 4150 Shark 5150 Shark 5180 Shark 5220
Sheet Thickness 3-4 mm 3-4 mm 3-4 mm 3-4 mm
Material St37-Cr304 St37-Cr304 St37-Cr304 St37-Cr304
Number of Pallets 2 ad/pcs 3 ad/pcs 4 ad/pcs 9 ad/pcs
Machine Length 4000 mm 5000 mm 5000 mm 5000 mm
Machine Width 1500 mm 1500 mm 1800 mm 2200 mm
Machine Height 1500 mm 1700 mm 1700 mm 2000 mm

Washing Unit (Shark)
Motor System Details

Motor System Shark 4150 Shark 5150 Shark 5180 Shark 5220
Pallet Motor Power 2,2 kw 2,2 kw 3 kw 4 kw
Lower Mud Engine Power 3 kw 4 kw 4 kw 4 kw

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