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Horizontal Squeezing Machine

Horizontal Squeezing Machine -JAGUAR 800

Squeezing Machine is a must in the recycling line. Tightening Machine makes an important contribution to both customer and country economy by providing an incredible energy saving thanks to the process. HORIZONTAL Squeezing MACHINE by applying a mechanical torque of PE and PP film in the form of the raw material to dehydrate and dry up to 1% -6% moisture level. Squeezing Machine, after washing the material by 5% to 7% with the compression method reduces the level. Depending on the capacity of the machine according to the capacity of 300 - 1000 Kg per hour capacity. This machine, called Adana plastic squeezing, has been designed as a useful model by TUBITAK. In this way, 800-1000 kg / h yield is provided. Horizontal squeezing machine is manufactured in 2 types in order to provide fast service and high economic performance. The machine chassis is specially designed for high stresses. When transferring the extruded material, the fan used also makes the product more dry during transportation. The plastic squeezing machine makes dewatering of the raw material and ensures the quality of the recycling product.

PE-PP Horizontal Squeezing Machine (Jaguar 800)
Machine Details

Machine Details Jaguar 800
Machine Length 2500 mm
Screw Diameter 160 mm
Machine Width 2208 mm
Machine Height 1692 mm

PE-PP Horizontal Squeezing Machine (Jaguar 800) Motor
System Details

Motor System Jaguar 800
Motor Power 100 hp
Capacity 800-1000 kg/h







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