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Macaroni Cutting Granulator

Macaroni Cutting Granulator -HAWK

Macaroni cutting machine duty is cutting the melted plastic which ejected from granule machine into macaroni shapes, this cutting system became very effective even once the melted plastic is dirty or include air and gaze and help to produce a high quality grains. Usually very dirty plastic increases the surface quality in printed products. After the plastic material is filtered, the material enters the sizing vessel and after entering the cooling tank, it cools down and after the material takes its size, it passes through the drying oven and comes to the Macaroni Cutting Granule Machine where it turns into granule by checking the size with the knife system. Granule size is adjustable upon customer request. The contact parts of the Pasta Cutting Granule Machine are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and this steel is not exposed to any oxidation state. The cutting knife and the fixed blade can be easily adjusted.

Macaroni Cutting Granulator(Hawk)
Machine Details

Machine Details Hawk 1 Hawk 2
Blade Diameter 130 mm 130 mm
Blade Length 300 mm 400 mm
Machine Length 840 mm 1000 mm
Machine Width 630 mm 730 mm
Machine Height 1250 mm 1350 mm

Macaroni Cutting Granulator(Hawk)
Motor System Details

Motor System Hawk 1 Hawk 2
Blade Motor Power 2,2 kw 3 kw
Roll Motor Power 1,5 kw 2,2 kw
Capacity 250-350 kg/h 400-600 kg/h

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